November 14, 2023

Mark your calendar for November 14, 2024 at 7:00 PM and, as usual, we’ll be meeting at OPICA (meeting location on the last page). Note that OPICA requires masks.

If you’ve ever been to the Magic Castle, you know that one of the highlights is visiting the Hat & Hare bar. That’s where Mike Pisciotta has carved out his place of residence as the featured weekend bar magician. Mike has been fascinating his audiences for years even before joining the Castle and has since become a legend of bar magic. He has won AMA Close-Up Performer of the Year twice and AMA Parlour Performer of the Year twice, and is no longer eligible to win those awards — otherwise he would continue to do so as he routinely defies logic and destroys minds daily.

We’re lucky to have Mike as our November lecturer where he will regale us with tricks and stories. Make sure to come to this meeting to see some of the most “mind-blowing” magic this side of Franklin Ave.