June 13, 2023


Our next meeting is on June 13 at 7:00 PM. As usual, we're meeting at the OPICA Center located at Stoner Park in West Los Angeles.

The topic of our next meeting is
Magic in the Spectator's hands.

We all know about sleight of hand or techniques of misdirection magicians use to make a powerful trick work well. But, when a spectator is involved and they appear to make the magic happen themselves, it can be mind-blowing for everyone.

At our June 13 meeting, we’ll explore the enchanting theme of "Magic in the Spectators' Hands." Prepare to amaze everyone as you involve guests to participate in your routines and have them appear to perform the magic themselves.

Whether you use cards, coins, trinkets, haunted boxes or full stage effects (well, probably not full stage effects at OPICA), be prepared to involve some audience members and have them share the magic.