Westside Wizards

Chris Philpott
Tuesday February 11th
7 PM


Chris Philpott has created and scripted effects for some of the world's greatest magicians, including Derren Brown and Cyril Takayama. Chris' effects are in the repretroire of thousands of magicians and have been translated into dozens of languages. He is best known as the creator of The 100th Monkey. Penn Jillette called his End of my Rope "a great trick!"
For February's meeting Chris will be lecturing on mentalism, card magic and how to make the effects you do now more meaningful, powerful and personal. Chris will also use his years of screenwriting experience to point out common scripting mistakes that magicians make as well as demonstrate the way to give your magic more impact. He will teach easy-to-do effects that pack a major punch.
Lecture is free for all 2020 Paid members of the Westside Wizards and Westside Junior Wizards. Guests are only $10. Meeting starts at 7 PM.
Coming in March - Open Mic Night!

Stoner Park OPICA Adult Day Care Facility, 11759 Missouri Avenue 90023
Between S. Bundy Drive and S. Barrington Avenue

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Welcome to Assembly 291, the Westside Wizards.

We are dedicated to promoting magic as a performing art in the West Los Angeles area. Club members meet monthly to perform in front of their peers in a supportive setting. Members share their knowledge and experience in magic and performing techniques. The club invites well known magicians from around the world, who deliver lectures throughout the year.

We typically meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Stoner Park OPICA Adult Day Care Facility, 11759 Missouri Avenue, Los Angeles 90023