Westside Wizards



What's Hiding in the Drawer or Closet?
Tuesday, January 9th

7 PM


It’s a new year and it’s time to get some new tricks under your belt. Maybe you’ve already got a bunch of tricks you’ve been meaning to learn or practice. You know, the one you bought on special at a magic convention or at the Magic Castle swap meet? Maybe it’s a special deck or an old book or a gimmick that’s been passed down from one magician to another. In any case, there’s got to be some magic trick you’ve been meaning to learn that’s just been sitting there calling out to you. This month’s meeting on Tuesday, January 9 is just the time for us to dig through our drawers and closets and pick out something that you’ve wanting to perform for a while. Just do it!

Westside Wizards
Stoner Park OPICA Adult Day Care Facility, 11759 Missouri Avenue

Between S. Bundy Drive and S. Barrington Avenue

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Park off Missouri Avenue, next to the ball field

The Westside Wizards are dedicated to promoting magic as a performing art in the West Los Angeles area. Club members meet monthly to perform in front of their peers in a supportive setting. Members share their knowledge and experience in magic and performing techniques. The club invites well known magicians from around the world, who deliver lectures throughout the year.

We typically meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Stoner Park OPICA Adult Day Care Facility, 11759 Missouri Avenue, Los Angeles.