Westside Wizards

Tuesday November 12th
7 PM

For a change of pace our next meeting will be all about Parlour Magic, that is magic that can be done in a parlour setting, usually standing up. A parlour is a traditional reception room that was popular in the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, where those of a certain social status would perform for their guests. In magic parlance, parlour magic is performed for an audience that's larger than an intimate close-up show but not as formal as a large stage show.
In the 1850's, Johann Hofzinger who performed for French royalty, popularized this genre of magic. Steve Cohen, the Millionaires Magician, continues the tradition by performing his show "Chamber Magic" in New York to sold out audiences for many years.
Bring your props that can be seen by those in the rear of the room and get ready to stun the audience with your tricks and illusions. Audience participation is always encouraged, as is please bring a friend to experience our magic.

Stoner Park OPICA Adult Day Care Facility, 11759 Missouri Avenue 90023
Between S. Bundy Drive and S. Barrington Avenue

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Welcome to Assembly 291, the Westside Wizards.

We are dedicated to promoting magic as a performing art in the West Los Angeles area. Club members meet monthly to perform in front of their peers in a supportive setting. Members share their knowledge and experience in magic and performing techniques. The club invites well known magicians from around the world, who deliver lectures throughout the year.

We typically meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Stoner Park OPICA Adult Day Care Facility, 11759 Missouri Avenue, Los Angeles 90023