April 9, 2024

David Gabbay at Elberts

Gabbay, Gabbay, Hey!

David Gabbay, an acclaimed magician and Magic Castle performer, offers a modern twist on traditional magic with his innovative techniques and original effects. His accolades include winning first place for Close-Up Magic at the TAOM convention in 2011. With a reputation for captivating performances filled with cutting-edge techniques and misdirection, Gabbay's magic is both unpredictable and original. He has garnered attention for his visually stunning effects, showcased in his sold-out Hollywood theater show "Caught In A Miracle." As a sought-after performer at the Magic Castle, Gabbay's expertise extends to lecturing on his original effects and creative process, catering to magicians of all skill levels. Through his interactive lectures, he shares insights on character development, trick selection, and stagecraft, drawing from his own experiences creating his character "Bijan the Magicijan.” David’s interactive lecture is meant to be an entertaining, informative discussion on some of his original effects and creative thinking

Throughout the lecture David will discuss his experience on topics ranging from timing & misdirection, keeping a magic journal, goal setting, blending techniques, connecting with the audience, managing the peaks and valleys of your performance, tips on beginning and ending a show, and routining an act that flows and blends to keep audiences fully engaged in this tik tok age.

Mark your calendar for April 9, 2024 at 7:00 PM and, as usual, we’ll be meeting at OPICA (meeting location on the last page). Note that OPICA requires masks.