Next Meeting, July 20, 2024

It’s that time again! Our summer potluck and magic show is coming up on Saturday, July 20 at 2:00 PM and it’s a great time to have some some food, some fun, some magic, and lots of comraderie. Feel free to perform a trick (or two) later in the afternoon. This is one of our highlights of the year and has been a great way to spend a mid-July Saturday for a late lunch. Note this will count as our July meeting and we will not meet at OPICA on July 9.

We will be providing some rotisserie chicken as a main dish and some drinks. We will be relying on our members (that’s you) to provide other main dishes, appetizers, sides, and desserts. Check the table below to see what kind if dish we’d like you to bring to feed 4-6 people (or more if you’d like) so that you don’t have to do too much.

Last Name Starts With Dish
A-E Side Dish (Vegetable, Hot Pasta, etc.)
F-K Dessert
L-Q Appetizer (Chips & Dips, Veggie Plate, etc)
R-Z Salad (Greens, Potato, Pasta Salad, etc.)

RSVP and let us know in advance what you’ll be bringing so we can balance things out properly (we don’t want to have 4 people bring potato salad).
This potluck is for Westside Wizards, Westside Jr. Wizards, and immediate families and significant others. If you haven’t yet paid your $25 annual dues, feel free to do that before the potluck or pay at the event (see below, right). Once again, we are grateful to be hosted by Dan and Jane Cray at their home (check the newsletter for the address).

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